Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas

Christmas started for me on Christmas Eve.  I was up at 5 am to get some baking done for work and for home.  I really enjoyed every bit of it and can't wait to get to do it for a family of my own.  At the moment my children include the people I work with.  I love them all as if they are my own.  The were so excited when I walked in with them.  But the biggest reward started when my 2 year old neice called me (with assistance from her dad) to see how when I would be home.  She was waiting for me to decorate her sugar cookies.  When I got home she ran to me and was ready to decorate.  We went straight to the table and started decorating.  She hand delivered them to her parents and grandparents.  She did this at my mom's house and the following day at my dad's house.  This will be a tradition for years to come with her and the children God blesses me with.

Christmas Day was just a great.  I spent the day with my dad, sister and brother and his family.  After my brother we made plans for a movie which seems to be what we do on the holiday.  It was great going out with dad and his GIRLS!!!! 

Now that Christmas is over it's time to work on my next set of goals.  The first being getting in shape to run a short marathon in March and progressing to something bigger by the end of the year.  I also plan to save money the next couple of months and get a place of my own.  I start a new decade, the big 3-0 this year and have many plans for the next 10 years of my life.  Read along as I blog my life and it's many twists and turns.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh what a week!

The week before Christmas is always the busiest time of year for me.  Working in a restaraunt makes it a little complicated to get things done.  I have tried to shop during the year but when you have people in your life that have everything it sucks to hit this time of year.  I still have a little shopping to get done, cards to put together, cards to get mailed, gifts in a jar to make, and the list goes on.  Pictures of the tree, cards and holidays will be posted soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

25 days of Christmas Music

Amazon is offering a new Christmas song a day for FREE!!  Click here and get your free song.

I am a huge fan of Christmas music and can't wait to upload these to my IPod!

Finished "Dear John"

Due to the upper respiratory infection that I have, I was able to finish reading my wonderful book.  I started reading "Dear John" during my Thanksgiving vacation and fell in love with it.  It was hard to put it down and when I got sick I was able to finish it.  What a great book.  I fell in love with John but I will let you know that it didn't end the way I expected it too.  I was little frustrated with the end but I guess that just the way life goes.  It's time to find another book and wait for the movie to come out.

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's That Time of Year

I work in the restaurant business and that time of year has begun for us.  I will work some crazy hours, see some crazy stuff and hear some even crazier things.  We do customer surveys to see how the service is and we got a great one today.  The guest stated that when a child is misbehaving we should step in when the parents don't do anything to call the child.  Boy do I have some choice words for this fool.  Would you want me to come to your table and tell you how to raise your child?  I would tell you to mind your own business.  Never would I have the nerve to even approach someone with a misbehaving child.

I do applaud those parents that take care of that misbehaving child.  I saw a little girl crying the other day and went over to be friendly.  The mother let me know the little girl was in time-out I told the mother I would come back and visit when time-out was over.  Why can't they all be like that? 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Start

I have decided to give this a try as a way to vent and share some ideas I have. I have stolen the idea from my friend Lauran. I hope to blog about ways that I am saving money, plans for my future and as a way to get things out of my head.

The other new start to my life is getting the extra weight off my body. I turn 30 in less than 6 months and have 50 pounds that I want to lose. My co-workers have become a great group of cheerleaders and I think that I should share the success with others.