Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't Sleep

Tonight has been a HELL of a night!  First the night started with.....I don't get it but I do know that it made for an interesting night.....I wish communication wasn't the hardest part of this job.  If I had just been told the situation at the beginning of this disaster it wouldn't have been as bad as it turned out.  I am just over it for the evening and don't get it at all.  To make matters worse I come home and I snapped my air card again.  This is just turning into a horrible day and I don't know if I can take anything else.  I may have to take a sleeping pill tonight because I can't seem to fall asleep either.  I think I may just have too many things on the mind. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love of Chocolate!

So I was told about this amazing chocolate store....Leah you are the DEVIL....and it was amazing and overwhelming at the same time.  The best part was when a girl told her her friend that she had only spend $35 this visit and last time she was there she spent over $70.  I can see how it can be done but you need to have some self control.  I was able to control myself to the extent of $7.56.  I will have to take my       choco-holic sister with me and let her spend the big bucks.  That will have to be after I take her to dinner on Cary Street.

As for today, everything that could have driven me crazy did!  First the birds were up at 5:15 and it seemed like every bird in Richmond was outside my window.  I got up earlier than I wanted and headed to work, when I got to work the alarm system wouldn't shut off.  I then needed to get the TV down to do some orientation paperwork, I dropped the TV and slipped my coffee everywhere.  Then the computer wouldn't settle the credit cards and the phone was off he hook.  I was going blow until my staff reminded me of why I love them so much.  They make me laugh and some time I don't why I am laughing.  It really changed my perception of the day.  The day just seemed to get better and I didn't think of the challenges I faced this morning.  I went to a reception for National Tourism Week and it was not what I expected.  That's when the trip to FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE comes in.  After that I had an appointment with the other gym in town.  I had been to Gold's and wasn't really impressed but I had driven by American Family from the interstate and at work and then I went inside.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!  I found my home and I have an appointment Friday morning to get started in a workout program.  They had 6 pages of classes and everything was included.  He beat the cost of Gold's and just made me feel as if I was already a member.  Now relaxing before I have to take my car to the doctor in the morning.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Merchant's Auto

I spoke with the man last week about getting my oil changed and fuel injection service completed, we worked out a nice deal so that it would only run me about $70.  First mistake is I should have gotten it in writing but I will be sure to do that next time.  After they complete what I think is what we talked about I was in for a bigger surprise, the check engine light came on.  I have to take the car back on Thursday so he can take it to the dealership and they can determine why the light is on.  Then I start to leave and realized that they oil change was never completed, so I go back inside and remind him of the kind deal we made and he has them do the oil change.  Well I take the car to Advance Auto to connect it to the computer and they tell me that the check engine light could be on because the fuel service was not done correctly and that there may be issues with the oil change as well.  Let's just say that I am over it!  Oh yeah and they didn't tell me that they recommend the belts be replaced, I had to read that on the service report.  Which belts, all of them and the labor will run you about $142 and he can get a good deal on the parts.  If you think that I am going to let you service my truck again, you have lost your mind.  Especially when I came in to get regular/preventative maintenance done in the first place.  The sad part is that I haven't used Merchant's since I was in college with my first car and I probably won't use them again!

On a better note....when I was driving to Advance I found another mall.  Man this place is dangerous!  Within a 10 mile radius of my house there are 3 malls that I have found.  I didn't stop because I might need my money for car repairs...but when the time comes to shop I will have to hit mall #3!  It was the bright in my day. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Laptop Works!

My wonderful sister let me use her re-install disc and now my laptop is working again!!!  I am so excited and ready to start blogging again.  I felt so disconnected from the world without my laptop and thought I would need to buy another one.  Just wanted to share some good news!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still Loving it!

So I have been in Richmond for some time now and am STILL LOVIN IT!!!  I can't say that I don't like what I am doing and where I am living.  I haven't finished unpacking but I will be done before my sister comes to visit this weekend.  I will also have a new couch and move the tv to the living room.  I can't wait to see things finally come together.  The next step will be to purchase some small things and really make it home.  I can't wait.  Speaking of making purchases....I got a beautiful chair over the weekend for FREE and plan to recover and paint this bad-boy.  I will incorporate it in my living room (red, black and cream).  It will be the start of many projects to come.  The shopping list doesn't start or end with the chair.  I will be visiting Lauren next weekend and we are going do some bargain shopping for the day.  I can't say it enough but I am excited to see everything done and set-up in my new home.  I will post pictures soon of the progress made...hopefully the VISTA disk will help the laptop and I will be able to blog more often.