Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still Loving it!

So I have been in Richmond for some time now and am STILL LOVIN IT!!!  I can't say that I don't like what I am doing and where I am living.  I haven't finished unpacking but I will be done before my sister comes to visit this weekend.  I will also have a new couch and move the tv to the living room.  I can't wait to see things finally come together.  The next step will be to purchase some small things and really make it home.  I can't wait.  Speaking of making purchases....I got a beautiful chair over the weekend for FREE and plan to recover and paint this bad-boy.  I will incorporate it in my living room (red, black and cream).  It will be the start of many projects to come.  The shopping list doesn't start or end with the chair.  I will be visiting Lauren next weekend and we are going do some bargain shopping for the day.  I can't say it enough but I am excited to see everything done and set-up in my new home.  I will post pictures soon of the progress made...hopefully the VISTA disk will help the laptop and I will be able to blog more often.

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