Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So the laptop is down, I am hoping to re-install Windows tomorrow and fingers crossed she will rejoin my life.  If not I will have to spend some time in the business center of the apartment complex for a few weeks.  I have been out pricing a new laptop or even desktop but don't know what I want to do.  I know that I have to buy some living room furniture and would rather spend the money of somewhere to sit in the next week. 

Speaking of somewhere to sit.  I think I have made a decision on a place to live.  I found an apartment that was a little bit older than the townhouse I fell in love with.  It's also like $400 cheaper!!!  I will be able to put some money away and/or spend some money on myself.  I have 2 weeks before I have to move to a place and can't wait to get situated.  I am still very excited about work and really looking forward to being done with training.  I love this place! 

This past weekend we went to the most beautiful park I have ever seen.  The best part is that you can't drive there you have to walk or ride you bike.  We walked for a while, up hills and down hills, up rocks and back down.   I watched JP climb down a fence and then I walked around it was pretty fun to watch him climb down.  We then went to Hollywood Cemetery.   I was amazing and brought back old memories of time with Edwina.  I wish there had been a place like this in Radford when we took Death and Dying. 

Well not much else is going on.  I should be back to blogging if there computer reboots tomorrow.  I miss everyone and hope to see you this weekend.

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