Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love of Chocolate!

So I was told about this amazing chocolate store....Leah you are the DEVIL....and it was amazing and overwhelming at the same time.  The best part was when a girl told her her friend that she had only spend $35 this visit and last time she was there she spent over $70.  I can see how it can be done but you need to have some self control.  I was able to control myself to the extent of $7.56.  I will have to take my       choco-holic sister with me and let her spend the big bucks.  That will have to be after I take her to dinner on Cary Street.

As for today, everything that could have driven me crazy did!  First the birds were up at 5:15 and it seemed like every bird in Richmond was outside my window.  I got up earlier than I wanted and headed to work, when I got to work the alarm system wouldn't shut off.  I then needed to get the TV down to do some orientation paperwork, I dropped the TV and slipped my coffee everywhere.  Then the computer wouldn't settle the credit cards and the phone was off he hook.  I was going blow until my staff reminded me of why I love them so much.  They make me laugh and some time I don't why I am laughing.  It really changed my perception of the day.  The day just seemed to get better and I didn't think of the challenges I faced this morning.  I went to a reception for National Tourism Week and it was not what I expected.  That's when the trip to FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE comes in.  After that I had an appointment with the other gym in town.  I had been to Gold's and wasn't really impressed but I had driven by American Family from the interstate and at work and then I went inside.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!  I found my home and I have an appointment Friday morning to get started in a workout program.  They had 6 pages of classes and everything was included.  He beat the cost of Gold's and just made me feel as if I was already a member.  Now relaxing before I have to take my car to the doctor in the morning.


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