Saturday, June 5, 2010

9 Years

Nine years ago today I lost my HERO!  I lost my grandfather and that was the day my life changed forever.  I still can't talk or think about him without tears rolling down my face.  I still struggle getting through conversations involving one of the greatest men in my life.  I look at my grandfather and thought that he would never leave me.  I realized nine years ago that God needed him more than me and it cried for days hoping that he would come back and that things would change.  I still wait for the day that he will call me and tell how proud he is of me.  I wait for that inspirational letter to arrive in the mail, signed for him and Grandma.  I look back at cards and letters that he gave me as a child and remember the wonderful man that was and always will be a part of my life.  The memories of my siblings and cousin Jenny all include my grandpa.  I feel for my younger cousins as they will never have what the four of experienced.  They won't have the amazing experiences and thousands of pictures that the four of us have.  I love you grandpa!   Thank you for everything that gave me and continue to give me from HEAVEN!  We will meet again and I can't wait to see how proud of us you are!  Below are some of those amazing pictures and memories that you left with us all!

I think this may have been the day or I should say one of the many days that I could see how great of a person you are.  I fell in love my grandpa right away.

Grandpa with two of his girls. 

Time spent in Baltimore with Grammy and Poppi almost always included Inner Harbor!

Some of my favorite memories are from the basement.  We could play with all of Poppi's toys, especially that one that made the most noise.  We made our own music and had the time of our lives.  If we could go back to the basement today and sing and dance like nobody was watching! 

And playing bartender!

These memories will never go away!  Thank you a million times over!  I love you!

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  1. Well Grandpa was the funniest guy and also the best teacher I had. the reason why I am so curious was because Mom and Dad taught us to be inquisitive at all times. I have led a very deeply rich life because of this. I am glad you got to see what he was about.