Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I got the apartment with 2 bedrooms because I wanted to get back into scrapping.  I went to visit my sister this weekend and she has her scrap room set up and is using it for scrapping and homework.  I would love to use mine for scrapping and work.  When I say work I would love to get some marketing things going on from home.  I would also love to spend some time deciding what I want to do with PartyLite.  So I decided that I would tackle this project over the next couple of days.  These are the before pictures of my scrap/office.

The theme throughout most of the house is beach but I think that both the scrap/office and bedroom are going to be purple.  On my way to work I am going to pick up some purple paint for some shelving I plan to hang over the table (thanks Lo)!  After the scrap/office I will move to the bedroom and where I will be moving some furniture around and creating a few things to place on the wall.  It would be great to have them both done this weekend.  I have a lot of work to do but I will post as things get done.

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