Saturday, September 11, 2010

Organization Day 1

I have been working on getting this place I call home together and things are slowly getting there.  I have put some more touches on the scrap/office space.  As a matter of fact I think it's getting pretty organized if I can say so myself.  

The stamps have their shelf back and are at a level that I can see them and reach them.  I am not going to sort them by color groups this time because that was just too much to remember.  As long as they get used I am not worried about what order they are in.  I haven't decided what is going to go on the other shelf and I still have one more to hang.  I did hang a small bulletin board beside these that I will use as my vision board.  Below these shelves is where the printer and printer supplies will live.

These shelves will store other office supplies/stuff.  The baskets have coupons to filed, pictures to be scanned and my acrylic blocks for stamping.  The magazine boxes on the top shelf are incoming mail, bills, papers to file and misc.  

This is the rest of the stuff, the shelves are labeled so I know where to put things back.

I should start by saying "Mom I took this with me when I moved.  Thank you!"  This is my filing system.  It sits on my desk for easy access.  This includes paid bills, lease information, car information and so forth.  This does not include any work information, that is on the other side of the room in a binder or magazine holder.  I do have a small file sorter next to this one for my PartyLite information.  I love file folders, if you can't tell.  Everything can be sorted into a folder of some sort. 

 I think I have made some amazing progress in the past couple days and can't wait to get the trash out of here and really see what I have done.  I will take final pictures when everything is done.

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