Friday, September 10, 2010

Shred Day 1 - Again!

I started the 30 Day Shred AGAIN!  This time I actually made it through day 1!  It was exhausting while at the same time rejuvenating!  I am so out of shape it's starting to scare me.  I didn't use the weights as they do in the video but I could still feel the tingle from my own resistance (or is that fat arms).  I hope that within a week I can report that I am using the weights. 

The challenge will be to see what I eat at work tonight.  I do a great job of eating a salad and then I get bored and want some dessert.  Today I am going to put a fiber one bar in my purse and eat try to satisfy the craving with that.  I have to loss this weight or I don't get to go shopping in New York!  Shopping in New York will be a first for me but I want to look amazing when I do it.  I want to be able to try on clothes and jewelry and not feel  or look fat.  I want the bulge to be gone.  The people that want to go know that I have to loss the weight before I can go so they are encouraging me to eat better.  I will need to save some money as well but it will also be bonus month, so I will have a little extra to spend!

I plan to go to the gym tonight after work to get some solid cardio in for the day.  I have downloaded the podcast Couch to 5K in 10 weeks and that is the other program I plan to get motivated!  I would love to run for a cause and finish!  Keep following to see how things go!

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