Thursday, January 7, 2010

More decor and things to do

As I continue to surf different blogs I see more things that I want.

I want to make this in purple and silver/white.  I think this would be amazing on my door but torquise is not my color.  I think a beautiful color with either to white or maybe silver.

These will be made in purple and silver for next years Christmas decor.  I love these!!!

There are two things I love in this picture.  The first being the vase with the postcards, the Young House Love blog stated that they sent themselves a postcard when they were on vacation and placed them in the vase when they received them.  They also framed keys from places they have lived before, cute idea.

The Young House Love also blogged about placing their memories in jars.  Each jar is labeled with where they visited.  Each jar contained keepsakes from the trips that were made and were displayed on a shelf.

I love this idea with corks, as a candle consultant and a bartender, I can't wait to surround a great smelling candle with wine corks.
Enough surfing for one night.

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