Friday, March 19, 2010

Study Time!

2 days left in the 2nd week of training.  Pizza has been so much fun and the guys are doing a great job training me.  The remind me a lot of my home store.  I told one of them today that I was slow and he said SH*T you have only worked 2 days!!!  I loved that response.  I made a lot more pizzas today and helped a little with prep.  Now I am taking a break from studying because everything is starting to look the same.  I know more than I thought I knew and I am noticing some patterns that will help me.  I have to take a test on Saturday and I won't settle for doing OK!  I want to be's a reflection of all those that have thought me through the stores (MacArthur and Short Pump)!

As for the house hunting I think that I found a place.  It's a townhouse not far from work and just amazing.  I had my heart set on an apartment until I saw this BAD BOY!  I fell in LOVE!  It's 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and has the most amazing kitchen.  The cabinets and everything are black, which goes with the colors that I want to make my home.  After I was APPROVED for my new home, I went window shopping.  I found the colors for my bathroom at Home Goods.  They had some bathroom towels that were brown, teal and purple.  It ties everything together!  I can't wait to decorate!

Well back to studying! 

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